Winter Nights

October 27:10:20

With the cold snap getting ready to bite, ensuring your home is cosy, warm and comfortable is a must to help get us through those dark nights and grey clouds. 

An easy way to update any room in your house without changing or spending too much of your hard earned cash is through soft furnishings and accessories. Work with what you already have and add little extras that you can bring out year after year, or alternate throughout the rooms in your home. 

Rugs, throws, cushions, baskets, and lighting are easy and effective ways to add some warmth into your living quarters. 

Think about texture; velvets, wood, hessian, wool, and fleece are great ways to gain dimension, warmth and ambience to your room; don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Image: blogpostnewwinter4
Image: blogpostnewwinter

When it comes to colours, again add warmth with your soft furnishings and accessories if needed. Cool greys and chic blues can be warmed up with softer shades such as creams, mustards and taupes, whereas wooden tables can be dressed with candles, vases and ornaments to give a little extra character. You can also introduce some vibrancy through a contrasting colour too!

Faux plants and flowers are great additions to vases and coffee tables without the need for any maintenance. When it comes to lighting, look at the bulbs you use throughout your home. A softer glow will add more warmth over a harsh, bright light, keeping things in theme with the softness of the room.

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If you need warmth both in terms of look and feel then a fireplace is the answer whilst also creating a focal point in your room. Whether it’s gas, electric or a log burner that you require, we have a range of designs and styles that can be customised to suit your needs.  

Pop along to our Showroom and take a look at what we have to offer! 


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