Living in lockdown

August 17:08:20

How did it take us a global pandemic to realise what means the most? People seem to be conscious of their surroundings and even just to know what they have now has become endearing, I for one can hold my hands up for taking certain things for granted before. For the months through pandemic I had a real sense of freedom, and a great allowance if it were to organise a day-to-day self care routine to suit me. I was getting used to a new routine in my life anyway, so the time of lockdown brought me more uncertainty in the beginning. When things became certain again, I became at such peace with home life, and yes home is where the heart is. A phrase I feel ever more familiar with these days .


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My daily routine wasn’t exact, I allowed myself to determine how I’d spend my days as each one came. It was so foreign to me, as many others to have so much free time to do with as I pleased. Once I’d found some kind of home routine and settled in, I became a real Quarantine Queen. I organised my mind making sure I had spaces to just be, physical areas to read and places to relax were important for me to optimise my hours too. Being confined to the home mainly, really meant that It needed to be in order. Having moved home throughout the time of lockdown, it meant a new home existence was to begin for me and one that could be moulded to new home requirements.


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Home is a wholesome word, one we associate with safety, comfort, familiarity. A place that’s known to be somewhere to reside. On a personal level your home needs to accommodate your life, many of us seem to be even more aware of this as we experience  the reality of life in many forms being solely indoors. By the way life predominantly changed, it really captured the essence of how we want to live. It was most definitely a time that people had to make the most of and adapt to the changes that were now compulsory for us.

Whilst living in lockdown for me, the living room was the main arena. Well it says it in the name doesn’t it, I really did live here. Living by the coast is perfect in itself, being able to have an actual view of the sea is the luckiest. For this reason, setting up the room so it worked to sit and look out of the bay window was a must. The bay window gives so much light, life and energy it’s not an area to be wasted. I created a seating area here, being a large Victorian room means there is so much space, high ceilings and all the light. This allowed me to sit within the bay. My favourite place for coffee is sitting in the bay, with the sun rising and bringing us a new day, when it’s setting and creating true glory in the sky or a storm is brewing.


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Additionally, In the true nature of a sheep, I like many others decided a paint brush was needed to update my space too. When you walk into the room it feels like you are recharged by light, another reason ample lighting is so crucial to make an uplifting and indulgent area. Having more than ample light I decided to paint my chimney breast with a Black shade from Dulux, it was everything I wanted and more, sitting in the evening with a dark wall and a glass of wine being captivated by the moon and all it’s hypnotism is so fulfilling. I am a believer that accents in your space give it the character you desire too, for me I have a growing collection of rocks, an admiration for Rattan and a love for a tactile Tan throw. It’s safe to say, if I’m at home you’ll find me in my living room.

Written By Amy-bose

Insta : abwbose

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