Pillow Talk

April 27:04:21

Spotlight on bedroom

The quality of our sleep has a massive impact on our daily life. Setting the scene with the right environment is key for that perfect night’s sleep.

We’ve a fantastic range of beds and bedroom furniture to help you create a restful, soothing space where you can retreat to after a hard day’s work.

If you’re looking to refresh the whole decor focus on comfort and calming interiors; aim for the look of your favourite hotel suite, but add in picture frames, candles, and a book! Remember soothing doesn’t always have to mean light and airy, it can mean playful and bright, moodier, or contrasting, depending on your style preference.


When it comes to choosing a new bed, we’ve got a stunning collection; from sumptuous upholstery to natural wood. The bed should be the star of the show and be the indulgent rest spot that you deserve!

Think about the size of your bedroom and make sure there will be space to walk comfortably around the bed.

Once you’ve chosen your dream bed finish the look with sumptuous cushions and throws – the ultimate in luxury as well as giving you the opportunity to add some colour and personality to the room. Mix and match pattern and texture; luxurious materials and finishes give an instant hotel-like feel.

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Bedroom Furniture

The right furniture is key to ensuring a restful and calm space. First of all think about the space and shape of the room – have you got high ceilings that will lend themselves to tall wardrobes or shelves? Or is the room quite small therefore compact pieces with legs will help make the space feel more airy? Define areas for relaxing, working or getting ready which will help the space work even harder for you.

Whatever your style, taste or budget we’ve a stunning range of bedroom furniture. Perhaps you’re hankering after a sleek, modern scheme with opulent brass touches? Or maybe you prefer the more traditional feel of pale wood with classic detailing? Whatever look you want to create our wardrobes, chest of drawers and bedside tables give you the opportunity to design your ideal room for slumber as well as clearing the clutter for optimum sleep quality.

For a slightly eclectic look choose different pieces of furniture as opposed to matching items. Look out for similar materials or details to help bring the overall look together; a chest of drawers with gold or brass handles looks stunning when paired with a hammered metal side table.

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Finishing Touches

Once you’ve chosen your bed and furniture it’s time to complete the look and create the mood with lighting and accessories.

Lighting plays a key part in creating a tranquil setting. Table lamps keep the light gentle and placed next to the bed mean they’re close to hand.

Add vases filled with fresh flowers and planters for a nod to nature as well as their mood-lifting abilities.

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Pillow Talk

We’ve compiled a few tips to help you get a great night’s sleep:

  • Take a warm bath
  • Writing to do” lists for the next day to organise your thoughts and clear any distractions
  • Relax the muscles with light yoga stretches
  • Listen to relaxation CDs or gentle hypnotic music
  • Read a book or listen to the radio to relax the mind
  • A cup of chamomile tea calms nerves before bedtime

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