Quarantine Living

August 10:08:20

Being summoned to the four walls of our homes in times of quarantine, has made many of us realise there are things we’d like to change in our living spaces. Areas in which haven’t had much attention, have now become crucial places we reside.


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Key areas were being used, that before felt lacklustre in character or style; places in which weren’t given much thought before times of such confinement.  Has having all of our time in such limited space with others, opened our eyes to how we can use space in a more functional way?

You may have noticed pieces that you feel need to be more of a focal point, these can be worked upon as a base. Maybe you get certain feelings when walking into rooms that satisfy you more than others. The emotions created by these things are crucial to consider in pinpointing what we want and need from certain spaces in our homes.


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If being in your home throughout lockdown has made you realise you need a restyle and you are ready to transition your interior – you are halfway there. Now you know you‘d like something different, new or updated.

You’ve recognised where you reside everyday needs to be a true reflection of what you want and need in your downtime.

We can guide you and show you how to communicate your perfect home through design. Let’s together ascertain the feelings you’d like in each room, and your complete interior desires. Spending time indoors can enlighten and inspire you, if you create wisely.


Written By Amy-bose

Insta : abwbose

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