Our Lux Edition

The Lux Edition has been created with only the most luxurious and sustainable materials. Paired with the most stylish unique designs, this creates a collection which is a real head turner.

Image: Designed to last

Designed to last

The design is ultimately important when it comes to choosing a sofa. Initially its about comfort, of course, just as important is how comfortable feels after many years of use by using only quality materials to create a long lasting piece.

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Image: So much choice!

So much choice!

Most of our Lux range can come in variety of sizes and colours so you can create a sofa as individual and unique as you!

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Trends for 2021

When it comes to sofas, the design is centred around organic shapes. We also see a lot of boucle fabric (looped appearance) and a new type of nubuck leather thats soft and pleasant. Our focus is on making you comfortable and taking you away from the world we currently live in by giving you sanctuary.


Image: luxury fillings

luxury fillings

Adding luxury fillings to create the best seating experience we can offer by making you feel that you never want to leave the sofa.

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Need to know more?

Pop along to our showroom to see Lux edition on display and all the options available. We can help with styling and making sure you get the right look and fabric for your needs.

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