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February 28:02:16

Industrial wilderness

A collaboration of raw and natural beauty. Think the ingredients from a dilapidated city block, segments of wood. Showings of the most unexpected colour through ripped walls, dress the distressed. Finding continuous patterns in the debris of the most wonderful mid century ebony woods, being exposed to new life. Tidying it up and filing down every rough edge, not wasting any precious detail in that usual undesired beauty. Such rarity, through the art craft can produce. Suddenly desirable but limited, like an endangered species through interior design.

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Chic Mother

Urban industrial glam. Blend of opulent fabrics and materials. Detailed raised patterned wallpaper, with rattan and rope details. A style in which is most wanted and desired by many. Keeping it raw and real by incorporating natural detail. Bringing it back and letting it be led by a path of lavish splendour, a very distinct collection. Designed to be perceived by touch, one in which excites through aesthetics. To appreciate all the detail and craftsmanship into each piece’s presence is key.

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