The Outside In

October 10:10:20

2020 has been the year that we won’t forget. 

We’ve seen the inside of our homes in more detail than we ever thought possible; we have created numerous baked goods that could put us on par with Bake Off (no matter what our size of kitchen!), we’ve tried our hand at all things craft (who knew that jigsaws would be the cool new activity to do?!), and have attempted to keep hold of our motivation and for many, find a new way of working from home.

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Being kept inside for so long has made us all crave the outside world, more than we thought we ever would. We have missed the ability to nip outside our front door, grab that burst of fresh air or takeaway coffee, and take a spontaneous trip outside. Being based in the glorious North East we are spoilt for choice with stunning coastlines, gorgeous countryside and vibrant cities, so why not try and bring those themes inside our own four walls!

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With the effects of lockdown still prominent and the colder months now in full swing, Bringing The Outside In has become a priority for many when evaluating their interiors and indoor space, particularly for those who don’t have any outdoor space to call their own. 


With the use of plants (faux or real), different natural textures, and colours that mimic nature and our fabulous outdoor spaces, Bringing The Outside In can easily be achieved no matter what your budget, space or taste.   


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Top Tips:

  • Measure your space beforehand. Make sure that you know your space before hitting the showroom, that way if you see something that is perfect, you can buy it on the spot, no need to head back home and grab those measurements.
  • Pets – for example, will real or faux plants work best in your space with any four legged friends around?
  • Maintenance – When it comes to plants, do you have the time to care for any real plants in your home?
  • Texture – don’t be afraid to mix your textures, try adding some hessian baskets against a velvet sofa or perhaps, use a combination of both wood and metals in your pieces. 
  • If you don’t want to make too many drastic changes, why not add these touches via accessories such as cushions, rugs, lamps or vases.

Need some inspiration? Can’t find what you’re looking for? 

Feel free to pop into our Showroom to take a look at our wide range of pieces and take advantage of our free Personal Shopping and Sourcing Service!

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