About us

Our aim is simple, Living in style

At Fire & Co, we pride ourselves on sourcing the next trendy thing in home interiors and passing them on to you. We have put the work in so you don’t have to! We’ve helped you find stylish furniture that works and compliments your home, delivering the look you want whilst making it as comfortable and desirable as we can.

The team has traveled the world, testing out fabrics and multiple designs making sure we bring you the best from what we have sourced. We’ve researched suppliers and manufacturers in abundance, taking our minds, bodies, and souls to trade shows across the globe to find you our customer the most desirable furniture pieces imaginable. We will help you style your home piece by piece, building your own story within your living space, whether it is contemporary sleek design or a Moroccan bold take, we will guide you to help you create your dream home, which will not only be style conscious but also not break the bank.

As the saying goes; “An Englishman’s home is his castle”, and comfort, ambiance, and design all play major roles, without these elements, no dream interior can exist! So when it comes to interior design, Fire & Co has sourced the most unique beautiful pieces that feel personal to you and your family, which we believe is key to making your house a home!


...and we are just getting started.

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